Giving Back

Honoring Our Legacy, Securing Our Future: The Campaign for Beta Phi

The campaign came to a close on December 31, 2013.

$1.2 Million Campaign Goal
$1,238,503 Raised to Date
268 Contributors


Annual Support

We are deeply grateful for all that our alumni have done in supporting the Honoring Our Legacy, Securing Our Future campaign. It is truly incredible what we achieved by joining together.


While you may still be paying on your generous pledge to the capital campaign, our need for your annual donations is present. The contributions received from our biannual appeals will be used in several ways:

  • To provide funds for Chapter House educational facilities, equipment and fixtures, and for future needs in educational technologies.
  • To provide scholarships and grants to deserving members to encourage continuing leadership development opportunities on campus and through Pi Kappa Alpha nationally and the local Chapter.
  • To provide funds for our ongoing alumni relations program.
  • To support our undergraduate tutoring programs.


Download a Printable Beta Phi Chapter Annual Gift Form


We hope that through Beta Phi’s alumni relations program your fraternal bonds will continue to be renewed and strengthened. We are always interested in hearing from you, so if you have any suggestions, alumni news, or ideas for articles or alumni events, please submit them to Beta Phi Foundation, Inc., P.O. Box 2853, West Lafayette, IN 47996-2853.


We are very proud of what has been done in the last several years and hope each of you has the opportunity to visit the Chapter House, meet the active members, and see for yourself what you are helping to accomplish.


Only you can put a value on your fraternity experience—the fellowship and friendship enjoyed in your undergraduate days, and the enduring pride of being associated with a group whose mark has meant excellence in the classroom, campus leadership, and so many other ways. We all have commitments and obligations to family, church, and community, but isn’t that part of what our Pike experience taught us?