Answer: 1,689

Question: How many men have lived at 629 University?


So, which would you rather have? One check for $100,000 or 1,000 checks for $100? I choose the latter, or somewhere in between because that means Beta Phi has more alumni support. Given the approximate number of brothers who have lived in our fraternity house it just seems like we could come up with enough $100 gifts to finish this campaign! What a wonderful sign of brotherhood. So far, 240-plus brothers have joined the cause. Interestingly, more than 40 of those donors graduated before 1964 and never lived in the chapter house. Only 1,489 to go!


Beta Phi has touched 1,689 lives in some way. If only those walls could talk! Some of us have become famous, others have made fortunes, but most of us have just led normal lives. There is a common thread, however. We were all randomly pulled together through Pike. We lived, ate, studied and partied together. We had some difficult moments but most were positive, and we were taught a whole lot of life lessons. We made friends and some of those relationships endured. Most did not. But it is still amazing to walk into that foyer and remember the guys you lived with all those years ago. The bond is real. I hope you all get a chance to enjoy it one day.


We want to perpetuate the opportunity for this fraternal experience. We want to Honor Our Legacy and Secure Our Future. Thanks to the recently announced $100,000 matching gift, we are only $100,000 away from making this effort a reality! We hope to complete the needed upgrades during the summer of 2014, although we are planning to start the project with a new roof this summer. We have a team of brothers from a variety of disciplines working on the details. A lot of effort has gotten us this far, and we are encouraged now that we can sense success. Many thanks to all of you who have pledged! Now call one brother who has not and ask him to join you.


We still need more of you to get involved! Please make a pledge today. You will have three years to pay it out. I am serious when I say that I would rather have a 1,000 checks at $100 as that would at least indicate that you still feel some tie to the fraternity. Others I know can and will do more. You can see from the articles in this edition of the Candlelight that the chapter is making good progress. We remain optimistic that another Smythe is not too far down the road. Plan now to get back to campus for a visit and join us at the Pike Reunion on September 14 as we celebrate the unmatched success of this critically important campaign.


Send your pledge today. Thank you for your support.


In the bonds,
Brian Doolittle ’70


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