Beta Phi Is Buzzing

House Renovation and Events Keep Brothers Excited


This semester started off well with our alumni advisory board meeting in between the holidays and getting the new executive board and committee heads settled. Greg Dyer ’13 took over as the new SMC and is doing a great job so far. The Chapter has positive momentum in social, athletics, philanthropy, and morale. We still look to raise our G.P.A. above the fraternity and all-men’s averages on campus. Many mechanisms have been put into place to set up a Smythe run in the near future.


The buzz around the house renovations has brought the Chapter together and the undergraduates are looking forward to its completion. There is a lot of work to be done and all of us need to do our part for Beta Phi. Whether it be continuing your pledge, volunteering on a committee, or helping with recruitment, every bit helps.


Please check in with your brothers and Pike network as there are some great events that are happening in the coming months. The Grand Prix team has two cars in the race this year and Doug Wright ’86 has done a great job positioning us to bring home some hardware. The annual golf outing is June 21. It is always a great event and we look forward to another great year. If you attend regularly or are thinking of coming this year, pick up the phone and call a pledge brother (or three) to make a weekend out if it!


Thank you all for your effort and support in these great times in Beta Phi. We have great times in front of us!


In the Bonds,
Josh Bellman ’08
Chapter Advisor


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