Members Participate In Annual Pike Old Masters

The sixth annual Pike Old Masters Program was held December 1 and 2. It was a great success with Eric Deahl ’82, Patrick Gault ’85 and Rob James ’86 as our distinguished alumni participating. The Old Masters were treated to a Purdue vs. Xavier basketball game on Saturday evening followed by dinner with a group of the undergraduates. Possibly the best exchanges of the event took place during dinner. The alumni were able to have long, casual conversations with the undergraduates; there were stories shared in both directions. One alumnus used the phrase “same play, new players.” It is amazing how the more things change the more they stay the same.


Eric Deahl shared that one of the most valuable experiences he had while living in the house was as the athletics chairman. Learning how to put all of the pieces together to win is something he still uses today. Eric told the undergraduates, “You only get one shot at life; make the most of it.”


Patrick Gault candidly told the undergraduates that while he was at Purdue he always struggled to get the best grades. What it taught him was how to just outwork your competition and how to differentiate yourself during interviews and in your work. “If you lose, then learn from the loss and make yourself better.”


Rob James made the point that now while they are young is the “best time to take some chances, take some risks. Don’t ever stop searching for what makes you happy, and when you find it go after it.”


This is just a snapshot of the wisdom shared at this year’s Old Masters. The alumni completely enjoyed the event, and the undergraduates were thrilled with how the interchanges went between them and the alumni. This year we will hold Old Masters the first or second weekend of December again. If there are any alumni interested in being a Pike Old Master please contact either Josh Bellman ’08 at or me at


Chapter Advisor Report

Over the first weekend in January, we held our second Chapter executive board retreat. The purpose of these retreats is to make sure that the incoming executive board is as organized as possible prior to all of the members returning to the house for the semester. We have a great bunch of new executive members. I want to say a huge thank-you and job well done to outgoing President Brad Pierson ’13 and his entire team. The Chapter has been blessed with several great presidents over the last few years. Brad was no exception. Quentin Phelps ’15 is our new president. Quentin served under Brad as risk manager over the last year. He has all of the leadership qualities we have come to expect. I look forward to working with him and his team.


The Chapter fell short of their GPA goal but that was really the only negative for the fall semester. We are among the leaders in athletics, campus involvement, philanthropy, and recruitment. The implementation of our tutoring program has also begun to make an impact. The program was tweaked slightly to make sure we are getting the best results possible, and we look for the GPA to climb. The new member GPA was actually higher than that of the members. It is usually the other way around in the fall semester, with the freshmen struggling to learn Purdue and going through pledgeship at the same time. Those pledges were the ones that used the tutoring program the most. We will keep a close eye on this program but we expect great things.


The Pike golf outing is scheduled for Saturday, June 22. Flyers will be going out soon but MARK YOUR CALENDARS. We will be keeping the format the same: member and guest or father and son. Everyone that attended last year really enjoyed that format and felt it made for a much better event. We have a block of rooms set up at the Purdue Union Club Hotel; 10 rooms for both Friday and Saturday nights have been set up under Pi Kappa Alpha at $98 per night. Those rooms will be held until June 7, so make your reservations early!


Sincerely in ΦΦΚΑ,
Joe Conti ’85
Chapter Advisor


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