Alumni Boards

Alumni Advisory Committee

Below you will find a current of Alumni Advisory Board Members. The Advisory Board was created in the fall of 2009. The thought behind creating such a board is as follows. For the most part every 2 -3 years the house undergraduate membership completely turns over. The Advisors are in place to help promote continuity. It is the responsibility of both the Board Members and the Undergraduate Committee Heads to stay in contact with each other. The Alumni Advisor essentially becomes a “Big Brother”, maintaining history and data that can help any new undergraduate holding a position to have someone to go to for advice. There are two members of the Advisory Committee that are also Home Association Board Members. By having members involved in both functions in increases the continuity of information. In reality that is what this board is all about, communication. With them members of this board working closely with the members of the Home Association and the Beta Phi Foundation there are about 40 Alumni that are closely working with the Chapter House every semester.

Ben Phillips
Chairman of the Board
(765) 532-1142

Ryan Raber
(920) 960-1757

Bob Browning
Philanthropy and Fundraising
(H) (317) 492-9209
(C) (317) 250-0308

Greg Rogers
Philanthropy and Fundraising
(317) 266-9663

Russ Strobach
(330) 603-1291

Doug Wright
Grand Prix
(765) 427-0259

Evan Schmitt
National Reporting
(812) 598-3332

Tom Beno
(330) 242-1537

Ben Phillips
(765) 532-1142

Kyle Russell
Alumni Relations
(574) 597-5730

Bill Kinder
HIM/House Maintenance
(H) (260) 744-4359 
(C) (260) 740-2426

Matt Newton
(847) 668-0196

Rob Kozel
Risk Management
(219) 743-0281

Isaac Dorau
(765) 273-0131

Beta Phi Foundation Board

Chairman of the Board
Rich Russell ’58
(810) 877-1958

President Emeritus
Joe Conti ’85
(715) 498-4498

Bill Kinder ’95

(260) 740-2426

Vice President
Chuck Rice ’87
(312) 800-3183


Angela Cunningham
(785) 556-4571

Secretary and Historian
Rex Martin ’72
(317) 445-5077

Mike Kristakis ’86
(412) 563-5798

Tyler Viernow ’85
(303) 881-2543

Mike Wright ’85
(630) 388-9730

Beta Phi Home Association Board

Matt Folz, Theta Omicron ’11

Vice President
Casey Hiers ’01


Aaron Smith ’09

Tom Maddox ’71
Ryan Raber ’05
Alex Britton ’07
Josh Bellman ’08